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As well as the translation and editing work that we have done for various customers that has then been published (see References), we have also published and issued work of our own.

PhD thesis by Clare

Title: "Drama in the Dailies. Violence and Gender in Dutch Newspapers, 1880-1930".
This thesis examines changes in Dutch newspaper reporting of family and sexual violence during the rise of the mass media in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For more details, see Clare's blog about individual cases.


Dunglish.net is a helpful website and blog with a list of the most common mistakes Dutch natives make when writing in English, based on an analysis of correction jobs Tessera Translations have done for over fifty different authors, ranging from scientists and web designers to professional but non-native translators.


If you want evidence that Mike's English is more than just that of a techie who made a career switch to translation later: he has also had the speculative fiction novel YLO published in October 2018 under the pseudonym Nicholas Clare (ISBN 978-90-827289-2-7, 381 pages). It's had many positive reactions and so he is currently working on the sequels RED and GRN. More details here.